Smog Test / Emissions Test in Kirkland

By law, certain cars, bikes, vans and motor homes must pass a vehicle emissions or smog test before they are allowed to drive on Kirkland roads. The test will determine if your vehicle is suitable to drive on the road. There is no doubt but that this is a daunting prospect and can affect even the most environmentally conscientious of Kirkland drivers. However, in reality, there is nothing to fear because there is a garage right here in Kirkland that is here to help you through this process.

Located in the center of Kirkland, Eschen Automotive Inc has provided a trusted and reliable pre-emissions test service to drivers of all types of vehicles in the city for years. Our diligence, attention to detail and ability to detect small problems before they become big ones is what sets us apart from our competitors. We will examine all parts of your vehicle to ensure that they meet the emission and smog test guidelines. What’s more, we will also inspect the car from top to bottom for any potential problems that could manifest down the line. Failing the emissions test is both costly and time-consuming. Don’t make that mistake. Contact the team you can trust today and allow us to take care of everything.

Does my car Need an Emissions Test?

The specific emission test requirements vary from state to state and province to province. However, in general, every car that is more than seven years old will need to pass an emissions test every two years. The Department of Transportation, or relevant equivalent, will notify you by post or by email when your vehicle’s test needs to be carried out. From there you should make sure to schedule an appointment with our skilled team of mechanics to ensure that everything is in working order.

In Kirkland certain types of vehicles are exempt from the test. They include almost all hybrid vehicles, light duty vehicles such as cars, vans SUVs that were made before 1988, custom-kit cars, light duty commercial farm vehicles such as quad bikes ,and classic or vintage vehicles that are deemed ‘historic’ under the Highway Traffic Act.

Post Fail Repairs

A Eschen Automotive Inc we strongly encourage all of our Kirkland customers to come see us before an emissions test rather than after it. After all, the prevention is always better than the cure, right? Unfortunately this isn’t always the case so if you have taken the emissions test and failed we can also help you pass the second time around.

Using the notice form as a guideline our team of technicians will be able to examine the parts of your vehicle that failed the test and make the necessary adjustments. By performing a thorough and diligent inspection we can almost always guarantee that your vehicle will pass the second time around. However, this will mean you will have to take the test a second time so please consider coming to our garage in advance.